Hobby horse obstacles

Who wasn’t dreaming as a child about jumps over obstacles?

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Built a stables of your dreams

Choose stables and accessories for your Schleich / Collecta / Breyer toys.

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Funtree is a family run company, parents who have created a unique brand out of passion and love for their children. We draw, produce, test and launch hobby horse obstacles, agility obstacles as well as horse stables and accessories for schleich, breyer or collecta figurines. What makes us stand out? Each of our products is evaluated by the strictest jury – our children. We try to reflect all their needs and ideas, adding to our technical abilities and great precision. We pay attention to the smallest detail, and the first home of all approved obstacles and stables is always our yard or floor.

It is a great distinction for us to be the only brand on the Polish market that offers obstacles with individually developed designs and technology, which was created in mutual support and cooperation.

Funtree.eu is a guarantee of high quality, original designs but also trouble-free and warm contact with every customer.