Funtree.eu is a family owned company founded by Piotr and Dorota. All stables are designed and handcraft made by Peter.

Our products are made solidly with the best materials, microscopic details and most of all created with passion and love. Why? Funtree.eu is founded thanks to our daughters, Ola and Julia whose great passion for horses and horse riding mobilized us to be creative and open to fulfill our daughters needs and expectations. 

Obstacle jumping was at the very beginning. Girls  used broom holders ? The obstacles needed to be more professional. Our ideas where declined so many times we cannot count… This is why we guarantee all our obstacles and products went long and complicated way of being tested and refined by those they were made for.

Every day we take inspirations from our kids. We are also open to your suggestions! All good ideas are promoted by a discount or free gift. And the greatest ideas give names to our products, like our stables Jula and Ola.

We try to answer all the questions, be as helpful as we can in your choices. Seeing happiness of our kids we can also share our experience with you about what is the best for certain age group.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.

Dorota & Piotr